Saturday, 21 November 2009

What Needs To Be Done

Okay, first and foremost I have to say what I've learnt in the last few days, it's an incredibly important lesson and one that everyone should take note of, and that is to make sure you back up your work and files on an external hard drive or usb, otherwise if for some unknown reason your laptop decides to die on you, you will still at least have your work which can be completed on another computer. I unfortunately learnt this the hard way regardless of the fact we were constantly told to back up our work last year, at least I didn't lose my post production stuff, I gotta be thankful for that.

So here's what needs to be done to complete this project:
-I need a crash course in Adobe Flash (I never used it before)
-Need some storyboards and sketches
-Need to animate in Adobe Flash
-Hand in work before deadline

I reckon that I have just about enough time to pull his off before Friday 27 November if I work around 8-10 hours each day until then (i've been working these hours for the last week so I think I can handle it). I also don't have to do loads of research because I still have all the stuff from before I changed my idea a month ago.

Anyway, hopefully things will turn out ok and I'll update this blog later today with some sketches and storyboards, and if things go really well i may be able to start animating in Flash later tonight or sometime tomorrow morning. Wish me luck XD

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