Friday, 27 November 2009

Optimistic Scheduler - Evaluation

It turns out that I'm one of the dreaded optimistic schedulers, I enthusiastically plan out my work and give myself deadlines yet I never meet them, this has become clearly apparant during this project. My indecisivness at the start of this project was my ultimate downfall, I really spent too much time trying to decide what to do, and not only that, after I did figure out my ideas I ended up changing it again around the 3rd week of term. Every decision I made I felt was for the best but in the end turned out to cause many problems. The biggest problem I encountered whilst doing this project was a technical problem with my Macbook Pro which caused me to lose a lot of my work, this happened just under 2 weeks before the deadline. This set back did'nt actually bother me too much because I was quickly inspired to do my earlier ideas in a new style. The problem here was that I had very limited time to get the work done, especially alongside the Post Production project.

In the end I only managed to do 2 Idents, after my Mac messed up I was hoping that i might be able to get at least 3 idents made, but as I said before, I'm an optimistic scheduler and never seem to reach my targets. The idents themselves i felt were made to a satisfactory standard, Ifelt that thy are a bit too basic in their execution and seem a little too simple and don't include enough elements. I wish that I could start from the beginning of term again but this time know exactly what I wanted to do, then I woul've been able to animate the idents to a much higher standard instead of just changing the positions of layers in After Effects, I would also have been able to make at least 2-3 more idents than I already have.

I have to admit that I feel this project was a bit of a failure for me which is thanks to my bad decisions. The main lesson I learnt is to stick to my initial idea if it is within my capabilities and not to change it after a few weeks, also to keep my work backed up on an external hard drive is essential. As well as lessons about my work process, I also learnt many technical skills in After Effects about compositing different layers and footage which is very important for the post production process, especially in the 3rd year when we make our movies.

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