Friday, 18 December 2009

Disney Interactive Studios Internship

A great opportunity has been presented to me and the rest of my animation class, as well as to other students around the country, and that it is to become an intern at Disney Interactive Studios in Hammersmith, London for 12 months starting in the summer of 2010. This is such an exciting opportunity and I'm going to put 100% of my energy into making sure I get a spot as it is something that I really, really want to do.

As well as filling out an application form and sending it off with my CV and pieces of my best work, I also have to prepare some work for a special brief that has been handed to applicants. I've already started to prepare my application and sort through what I need to do before I submit it but there's still plenty of things that need to be done to give myself the best possible chances of winning a spot on the internship. This would be a fantastic learning experience for me and would give me the exact knowledge that i'm looking for to get a head start in the video game industry. I'm working hard to make sure everything turns out the way I want it to and I have my fingers crossed so hopefully I'll get a place. If I fail (seems highly likely), at least I can walk away with the knowledge that I tried my best, and learn from any mistakes I made along the way.

Wish me luck :)

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  1. OOOH Ryan I just found your blog looking for info on that internship too. How bizarre! But would you leave Ravensbourne for a year to do it? I'm leaving this year anyway so I'm all set!

    Good luck!!!